How I became a jewellery designer

By Vikki Hall


HAVING always had a love for jewellery it was after being gifted a very special piece of jewellery - one which has so much happiness and wonderful memory connected to it  - I realised the importance it can have in a person's life and what it can mean when worn.

Whenever I put on my abalone shell necklace it transports me right back to the beautiful moment I received it from my boyfriend and it always has a positive, loving affect on me.

Isn't jewellery amazing...

Image Image

My special abalone shell necklace that I received from my boyfriend

Starting out...

Some years ago I learnt how to make beaded jewellery and began making collections of beaded bracelets and necklaces. With a growing desire to pursue what I was truly passionate about I took the big step of setting up my first jewellery business, Precious Nebula, which I formed in 2016.

Over the course of a year, with many ups (my first sale!) and downs (the "quiet" days at the craft market), I learnt some really important business, design and life lessons. It was these lessons, along with my increasing desire to further myself, that encouraged me to find a course where I could learn silversmithing.


Some of the beaded jewellery I produced for my first business, Precious Nebula


Learning my craft...

During my time spent learning with fantastic designer of precious metal art jewellery, Julia Thompson, I was able to learn the foundations of the craft of silversmithing, build on them, refine my skills and design a jewellery collection that expresses my love of precious metals, design and gemstones.


The ring that I made on Julia Thompson's silversmithing course

The journey begins...

Now I can proudly say I have my very own handmade jewellery business, Vikki Hall Jewellery, which gives me the pleasure of being able to share my passion with you all.

My jewellery will be handcrafted contemporary pieces which incorporate a delicate twist and that I hope will be treasured and worn for years to come.

I'd love you to join me on my journey. You can do so by following my progress via social media and by reading my blog here on my website.

I can't wait to to share it with you! 🙂


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2 Comments on “How I became a jewellery designer”

  1. Hi Vikki, This is such a fab insight into your passion for jewellery. Lovely images and work too! Looking forward to receiving your news and future posts. Wishing you all the best X Julia

  2. Hi Vikki
    Congratulations on your super new collection.
    Everything looks fabulous & has a wonderful story behind your journey on becoming a jewellery designer.
    Good luck & All my best wishes for the future.
    Danielle x

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