The story behind my debut jewellery collection

By Vikki Hall


HAVING hidden myself away in my workspace for many months, I am now proud to present my debut jewellery collection - The Cosmos Collection.

It has taken hours of hard graft, but I can safely say, creating this collection has been one of my most rewarding and creative experiences.

Let me tell you the story behind the collection...

influences and inspiration...

The origin of this collection began whilst I was considering what I would like to achieve in my final project of the silversmithing class I was attending with the wonderful Julia Thompson, at The Polishing Room at Flaxdrayton Farm.

Having been asked to gather some inspirational images that could help form ideas to create a final piece of jewellery, I looked up to the night sky for my inspiration.

I’ve always been fascinated by all things cosmic - the phases of the moon and the constellations of the stars have always enchanted me. Images of the cosmos became my main influence for designing and creating my final piece and the image you see below helped spark the idea for a ring that would become the basis of my whole jewellery collection.


The Cosmos in all its glory

I had the idea that I’d like to capture a part of the cosmos in the form of a ring. The main aim for me was to create the texture and twinkle that would best describe the night sky in jewellery form.

As the piece was being made especially for my mum, I wanted to use some of her favourite coloured gemstones and create a special piece for a very special person. Having a love for the history of jewellery also, I took inspiration from historical pieces that, at first, appear simple in design but have significance in their finer details.

Below is how my final piece went from a sketch to the finished article. Little did I know at the time of first sketching it, that this ring was to be the inspiration for what would become The Cosmos Collection.


Some of the historical pieces of jewellery I gained inspiration from


The design sketches of my ring project and the finished piece


The Design Process...

Having established what the creative inspiration for my collection would be, I then went about designing the pieces that would make up my debut collection. I spent time looking at books on space and its representations in other artistic disciplines, such as the surface pattern designs of the 1950s.

Over time my initial doodles turned into sketches that began to take on the form of potential pieces of jewellery. From the beginning of the journey of this collection, my design intention was to create jewellery that is elemental/uncomplicated in design, but with a hint of finer detail and a delicate beauty throughout. Dots of colour like you see in the cosmos also became an important feature within every piece that I interpreted via the use of gemstones.

Bearing all this in mind, I created a design philosophy for my jewellery which I kept in the forefront of my mind throughout the design and creation process which is 'organic designs with a delicate twist’.

As with any creative process actually making and bringing my ideas to life gave each design a chance to evolve into what they eventually became. A good example of this is the Citrine Necklace. For this piece my intention was to create a simple necklace that showcased a beautiful piece of citrine, the colour and sparkle from which a feeling of the night sky would be evoked.

An idea of adding a bit more detail and texture to the silver surrounding the stone then came to me after working on a design of a small pendant for my young niece’s birthday. Being able to experiment with making a pendant with a small gemstone helped me to envisage a way to give the citrine a simple but effective setting, thus giving detail of a little more texture around the stone, whilst keeping true to the cosmic theme of the collection.


The pendant I made for my niece had a big influence on the design for the Citrine Necklace that is part of the Cosmos Collection


To sum it all up, I have created a collection of jewellery inspired by my fascination with all things celestial. Each piece of jewellery takes on an organic and elemental design that through the use of texture and gemstones gives a delicate twist, evoking a sense of the cosmos and all its wonder when worn.

getting involved...

I hope you enjoy my debut collection as much as I enjoyed making it. For a full look at all the jewellery just click here, and if you see a piece that you’d like, but perhaps with a different gemstone, then please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to assist.

Also, if you’re keen to see the journey of your very own made to order piece from The Cosmos Collection, you can sign up to VHJ VIP for a pictorial evolution of your piece from start to finish!


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